Calico Creek Blue Dahlia

Old Mountain Farm Ibex x Calico Creek Blue Iris

Dahlia lived with us before making her way to another farm here in Ellensburg. We are happy to have her back and had originally thought to find a good home for her, but she is so happy with her daughter Gemini and her buddy Sambuca that I don’t think we can separate them, so she gets to stay.

Dahlia is a total sweetheart who has the flattest rump I’ve ever seen on a Nigerian. Flat, flat, flat, with no teepee in sight. It may be a bit steeper than I like from hip to pin, but the width and flatness is beautiful. Dahlia has many strengths that she has passed to offspring, including wonderful teat placement and size, rear udder height, strong backs, and gorgeous heads. She is so much fun to look at and is such a good mom. I’m so thankful that my herd has come back together after a rough patch, and that Dahlia is part of that!

Birth Date:

Color & Markings:
Light Chamoisee/Buckskin Combo; Blue Eyes

Kidding History:
Notable kids (all kids listed below are sired by SG TX Twincreeks RM Supernova +*B):
Calico Creek Gingersnap VEEE90 @ 04-03, 2nd place yearling doe at 2015 Nationals
SG Calico Creek Blue Veronica VVVE88 @ 02-04, 12th place 2-year-old at 2019 Nationals
Calico Creek SN Gemini Blue (born on our farm and recently returned to us), not yet appraised, but looking oh so fabulous!