Calico Creek J Manastash

Alethia HB Jacaru x Calico Creek Cinder, 2013 AGS National Reserve Champion Doe

Stash came to us a package deal when we bought his dam, Cinder. He is a beautiful buck, with excellent structure. He began his life as a wildling, which we normally don’t keep, but he got a pass because of his genetics. He is starting to calm down, which is nice, because his dam was one of my favorite goats ever. I still miss her. I’m very glad now that nobody was interested in purchasing Stash. He went to live with a friend on lease for awhile during our downsizing, and now he is back. Stash has an absolutely stacked pedigree, and that quality shows in his conformation. He carries excellent width, an awesome rear leg set, good brisket extension, and a lovely back.

Birth Date:

Color & Markings:
Black and White

Sire to:
2020: Snow Drift Acres Reecer (out of Oak Apple Behati)