Gabhran Creek Pretty GoodMistR

TUA Farms CMB Blue Me Away x MT Rivendells HW Misty

MistR is a gorgeous boy with such fun colors that remind me of an Appaloosa Horse. He is also polled and possibly homozygous blue eyed. He’s what I would call a pretty boy, and his attitude falls right in line with that. He’s sweet and friendly, just right there in your face needing attention all the time! Yes, we brought him in for his flash because that is what sells to our 4-H members, but only because it is backed up by generations of structural excellence and strong udder genetics. He’s a bit of a unicorn that way! He has beautiful length, really nice legs, overall good conformation, and we have long admired his female relatives on his sire’s side. I was pleased to find that underneath all that hair, he has a very good rump. This pictures makes him look like he has shark fin, but he really just had his hackles up.

Birth Date:

Color & Markings:
Cou Clair with White Spotting
Blue Eyes

Siring History:
kids coming in 2021