While we ended up having to sell many of our promising juniors during herd reductions, we are pleased with what we now have and feel these juniors exhibit genetic potential, all-around health and vigor, and strong component parts that we want to retain. If we can combine parts like we desire in future offspring, we will be happy! We only keep a few juniors every year to evaluate as first fresheners. Please feel free to contact us if you have interest in purchasing any of our juniors. Some may become available.

Pixiebrook FD Konstanteeni

TUA Farms SP Flash Drive *B x TUA Farms SP Ruby Red Dress

Pixiebrook Raven

Oak Apple Ayumu x SG Rockstar Ranch Lady Gwendolyn +EEV88

Pixiebrook Tater Tot

Calico Creek SN Constellation x Pixiebrook CN Teanaway Blue

Pixiebrook Glinda

DLMG Farms LJ Mars Bar *B x TUA Farms SP Ruby Red Dress

Pixiebrook FD Jubilee

TUA Farms SP Flash Drive *B x Hope Hollow Mischief Managed +VEV87
Coming Back to Us in November 2020!

Malaga Minis BR Kiwi Tuesdays

Malaga Minis MB Bold N Riot x Malaga Minis Erin Go Braugh

Snow Drift Acres Reecer

Calico Creek J Manastash x Oak Apple Behati
Our friend Dawn purchased Behati (shown above) and leased Stash from us. Reece is our gift back.

Rainy Rock GN Sugar N Spice

TUA Farms MB I’m Gold N x Rainy Rock TZ BreathofFreshAir
May be available in milk in 2021 as a first freshener. Inquire if interested.