2021 Kidding Plans

Our kidding season runs April through July. Kids are generally sold July – October, sometimes later (after they reach weaning weight and no earlier). Please feel free to follow us to subscribe to updates. We will post when we have kids available, and if you’re interested, you can start a conversation with us. We do not take reservations, so subscribing is the easiest way to get updates. Unsubscribe anytime.

Prices listed are base price, and all prices are estimates until after kids are born. While we don’t make breeding decisions based on color, because the market demand is so strong for blue eyes, moonspots, and polled goats, add $50 for each (for example, if a goat has all three, the price would add $150 to the base price). The base price for all wethers (castrated males) is $100, and add the same $50 for each desirable extra for them too. We no longer sell intact bucks. Please see our sales page for more sales policies.

BuckDoeDue DateExtrasBase Price
Gabhran Creek Pretty GoodMistROak Apple Norina4/10/21Polled and blue eyes possible 500
Oak Apple Hunter’s Moon Oak Apple Andante5/31/21Moonspots possible300
Gabhran Creek Pretty GoodMistRRainy Rock TZ Sugar N Spice4/3/21Polled, blue eyes, and moonspots possible 300
Oak Apple AyumuPixiebrook FD Konstanteeni4/3/21Moonspots and blue eyes possible300
Oak Apple Hunter’s MoonMalaga Mini’s BR Kiwi Tuesdays4/6/21Moonspots possible 300
Oak Apple AyumuTUA Farms SP Ruby Red Dress4/8/21Moonspots and blue eyes possible350
Oak Apple Hunter’s MoonPixiebrook CN Teanaway Blue4/16/21Moonspots and blue eyes possible350
Oak Apple AyumuOak Apple Kiri4/10/21Moonspots possible 400
Oak Apple Hunter’s MoonPixiebrook Raven4/10/21Moonspots possible300
Gabhran Creek Pretty GoodMistRPixiebrook CM Sambuca6/9/21Polled and blue eyes possible400
Calico Creek J ManastashCalico Creek SN Gemini Blue7/27/21Blue eyes possible550
TBDOak Apple GinetteTBD400
Gabhran Creek Pretty GoodMistRPixiebrook FD JubileeTBD300