Oak Apple Andante

Oak Apple Tango x SG Old Mountain Farm Helen VVEE90 3*M

Andante is such a love. She is a kindred spirit who gets fat even with no goodies. That’s ok. I love the easy keepers, and underneath her girth, she has the structure I adore. We just need to get some kids on this one to help her lose some weight!

Andante has exquisite length, a wonderful brisket, and very good legs and shoulders. She has body capacity and width. She had a brutal kidding in 2020 through no fault of her own. Both of her kids positioned themselves butt first with legs tucked under, and no matter how hard we tried, we could not hook those back legs to help her out, so she had to deliver like that. Thankfully, she has a wide rump, so we avoided a c-section, but both does were born DOA. Nevertheless, her pre-freshening udder was simply stunning. I didn’t milk in 2020 so didn’t get any pictures, but I’m really looking forward to her next kidding.

Birth Date:

Color & Markings:
Buckskin with White

Kidding History:
2020: 2D, DOA