Oak Apple Ayumu

Oak Apple Arwyn x SG Old Mountain Farm Mizuki 3*M VVEE90

Mu-Mu is my main man. Not only is he the sweetest buck EVER, he passes on his gentle disposition to his offspring. I can’t imagine my farm without him. I’ll forever be thankful that Alex and Duva at Oak Apple Farm let us bring him home. I will never let him leave my farm.

When we purchased Ayumu, we were able to see his Dam’s udder at milking and feel her attachments, and they really are quite nice! I really hope he passes those on. He also has very tight shoulders, a gorgeous back, excellent legs, nice brisket, strong dairy character, smoothness of blending…he’s just a really beautiful buck out of a beautiful dam who scored 90 at nine years old. That’s the longevity we like to see!

Birth Date:

Color & Markings:
Black with Minimal White and Moonspots

Retained Kids:
2020: Pixiebrook Raven