Oak Apple Ayumu

Oak Apple Arwyn x SG Old Mountain Farm Mizuki 3*M VVEE90

Mu-Mu is my main man. Not only is he the sweetest buck EVER, he passes on his gentle disposition to his offspring. I can’t imagine my farm without him, and through several rounds of cutbacks, he’s one I just couldn’t say goodbye to. I’ll forever be thankful that Alex and Duva at Oak Apple Farm let us bring him home. He has a permanent spot on our farm.

We were able to see his Dam’s udder at milking and feel her attachments, and they really are quite nice! He has very tight shoulders, a gorgeous back, excellent legs, nice brisket, strong dairy character, smoothness of blending…he’s just a really beautiful buck out of a beautiful dam who scored 90 at nine years old. That’s the longevity we like to see!

Birth Date:

Color & Markings:
Black with Minimal White and Moonspots

Siring History:
2020: quads out of Rockstar Ranch Lady Gwendolyn