Oak Apple Ginette

Proctor Hill Farm To Go Daddy +B EEE92 x SG Old Mountain Farm Anahid 3*M +EVE88

Herd queen, all-around soul goat, and my one true GOAT (greatest of all time) girl. Ginette is in charge, and she knows it. Her claim to fame is that her auntie (dam’s littermate sister) was the 2017 ADGA National Champion doe.

Clearly, Ginette is my favorite goat. She has so many things to love about her, temperament and manners being top of the list. She is packaged so well overall. I love her dairy strength, her length, her width, her legs, back, brisket, ribbing…there’s just a lot to like and her LA score would no doubt be higher had she not just been dam raising a single last year (I didn’t milk in 2019). I didn’t do her justice and hope to remedy that in the future

Birth Date:

Color & Markings:
Chamoisee with White

Kidding History:
2017: DOA
2018: 2D
2019: 2B, 1D