Oak Apple Kiri

Oak Apple Audax x Oak Apple Kireina 5*M V+EE90 @03-05

I’m so happy to have this girl! When Alex and Duva brought this beauty out for me to see, I knew immediately she was for me. She has an overall correctness and balance that I really love. She has a promising rump with very nice width between the hocks. Imagine my surprise when I looked at her pedigree to find her grandsire is Proctor Hill Farm To Go Daddy, EEE92, who is the sire of my all-time favorite goat, Ginette. And her grand-dam is Old Mountain Farm Mizuki, dam to my favorite buck Ayumu. I feel very fortunate to have a doe that combines these two lines. And, to top it all off, just like my other Oak Apple goats, she has the best temperament. Kiri has quickly earned a place in the permanent herd member zone. Thank you, Applemans!

Birth Date:

Color & Markings:
Chocolate Bezoar with White

Kidding History:
2020: Buck/Doe twins

Kid and yearling photos courtesy of Oak Apple Farm. Do not reproduce without permission.

Note: Kiri is an interesting color. Her dam is solid chocolate, so we know she could have only inherited the recessive solid from her. That means her sire contributed the coat pattern that is displayed, as she cannot have co-dominant patterns. The only pattern that explains the leg markings and the lighter underbelly is Bezoar. Just going off of photos of sire and grandsire/granddam, I am guessing her sire to be a Chamoise/Bezoar combination pattern. Indeed, a photo search of ancestors clearly shows the Bezoar present in her lines.