Oak Apple Norina

Gabhran Creek Forged N Fire x SG Oak Apple Buffa VEEE90@03-06

Norina is a stunning doe with so many strengths. We are very excited to have been able to bring her home! The Applemans stated that Norina had the best rump of their entire 2017 kid crop, which is saying a lot! I love her length, her back, and her dairy character, and especially her levelness thurl to thurl. And just like all of my other Oak Apple goats, she has an incredibly sweet temperament. She has quickly endeared herself to me and I doubt I will ever be able to let her go. Another thanks to Alex and Duva for the purchase of this special girl. I hope to do her proud.

Birth Date:

Color & Markings:
Black and White

Kidding History:
2019: single doe
2020: quads (2B/2D)

Posed photos courtesy of Oak Apple Farm. Do not reproduce without permission.