Pixiebrook CN Teanaway Blue

Calico Creek SN Constellation x PHF PC Jenny Linsky +EE+85

Having spent the first year of her life practicing goat parkour (aka the art of the escape), this wildling one day decided I was okay, walked up to me for scratches, and has been a total sweetheart ever since. There were many times I listed this one for sale. Something kept me from following through.

My eye is always drawn to Teanaway when we are out in the pasture. She has the best back legs and gait of any of my goats. And even though her rump is a bit steeper than I like, there is no tee-pee in site. It is flat from thurl to thurl, and that can be difficult to find in Nigerians. I’m really pleased with how she is developing. She has excellent shoulders, like her dam, a gorgeous back without shark fin withers, and very nice legs and ribbing. I’m so glad I kept her. She has turned into a very good tempered goat, and her kids have been incredibly sweet. This line tends to have the absolute BEST milk stand manners, never flinching from the first milking onward. I didn’t get good udder pics of any goats in 2020. Her pre-freshening udder was pretty fantastic though!

Birth Date:

Color & Markings:
Buckskin with White
Blue Eyes

Kidding History:
2020: 2B, 1D