Pixiebrook Raven

Oak Apple Ayumu x SG Rockstar Ranch Lady Gwendolyn 3*M +EEV88

Raven was the sole doe of a litter of quads. I didn’t even realize she was polled (nor did I realize that her dam was polled) until I went to disbud and she didn’t have horn buds. What a pleasant surprise! Raven is a feisty little peanut, in a good and funny way. I think she had to be…with three brothers in her litter, she had to learn to fight early for what she wanted! I am super pleased with this cross, which is a linebreeding on SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos. Her true coefficient over 10 generations is 12.64%. I’m looking forward to her kids.

Birth Date:

Color & Markings:
Solid Black

Kidding History:
coming in 2021