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All of our kids come with a care instruction sheet and an offer for buyers to stay in touch with us after the sale to ask questions. Some questions might be answered below. Don’t let our strictness deter you from reaching out. Our goal is to provide our goats with the best possible care, and these are just some measures that help us do that. Any and all sales inquiries assume that you have read and agree with all of the following statements.

  • We have been a clean-tested herd through WADDL since 2017. We did a full biosecurity screen on every goat in our herd in 2017, including Johne’s, CAE/CL, and Brucellosis. We last tested in January 2020. Results are available upon request.
  • We reserve the right to screen all potential homes and will refuse a sale if we have any questions about the life one of our goats will live in a buyer’s care.
  • We reserve the right to retain any kid born on our farm. Inquiries do not constitute any sort of agreement for us to reserve a kid for the buyer.
  • Our sales, when we choose to post them, are first-come, first-serve (as long as we feel it is in the goat’s best interest).
  • All sales are cash only, to be provided at the time of sale. If you are wanting us to hold a goat and the timeframe is more than a week before purchase, you will need to pay a deposit.
  • We choose which does will be registered from our breedings. There are no discounts for pet prices simply because a buyer doesn’t want registrations papers.
  • All kids are disbudded prior to ten days old, without exception. We try our very best for our goats to not have scurs and have gotten better at it over the years, but it is always possible for small scurs to develop. We disbud early so that is there is much less chance of scurs and there is less pain for the goat. No, we do not offer disbudding services for goats we do not own.
  • All kids are given CDT vaccines, without exception. We have seen a goat die of tetanus and will not EVER let a living animal experience that kind of suffering when it can so easily be avoided with a simple shot. I you want an unvaccinated goat, you will need to look elsewhere for your purchase.
  • We do not sell bucks as a general rule. All males for sale are wethered (castrated) at 8 weeks old. Males are not tattooed. If you want a tattooed wether, you will need to purchase from a different farm. Yes, we hate tattooing THAT much.
  • All kids are raised on a coccidia prevention program (toltrazuril given at roughly 3 week intervals until after weaning). All goats have coccidia and many will experience a “bloom” if they are really stressed, and moving farms is really stressful for them. You will need to be prepared for this. The best way is to have your vet’s number. Immediate care is needed for the scours that result from coccidia, as it can leave permanent intestinal damage. All goats will get a prophylactic dose of toltrazuril before leaving our farm to reduce the risk of scours.
  • If we feel that transport will be too stressful for a goat at the time of sale, we will refuse the sale, no matter how far you’ve driven to pick up a goat. Please show up with proper transport for your goat. For instance, a dog kennel that does not allow a goat to stand is not proper transport, nor is strapping them by the neck in the back of your truck.
  • Kids are not weaned until at least 10 weeks old, sometimes not up to 16 weeks. We do not rush this process in order to sell cute younger kids before their immune systems are developed.
  • If you live out of Washington State, all arrangements for health certificates are solely your responsibility and cost. This includes a cost for the vet to visit our farm, a cost for the exam, and a cost for the paperwork. I charge an additional $100 per goat for sales that require this because of the amount of time I have to spend coordinating with the vet to supply the right paperwork. You must arrange to work with our vet and pay them directly for anything you need for you to transport your goats.
  • We no longer work with transporters. The person that is listed on the bill of sale must pick up the goat. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • If you do not show up at the agreed upon time to pick up your goat, your sale is void and you forfeit all deposits. Ain’t nobody got time for this!
  • We do not guarantee perfect conformation on any of our goats. This is simply not possible. All goats have conformational faults. We breed for health and vigor and overall correctness, but there is no such thing as a perfect goat. That said, we are always happy to be honest about any faults a goat you are interested in has so that you can make a purchase decision aligned with your herd goals.
  • All sales should be considered final. It is the buyer’s responsibility to determine if the sale is acceptable, so please make sure you really do want the goat before you leave.
  • We will meet all persons unknown to us at the Ellensburg High School parking lot for sales. It’s convenient and easy to find. On the advice of our vet, due to ever-increasing theft of livestock in our area and people posing as buyers to case properties, we no longer meet people on our property. Repeat buyers and mutual acquaintances are an exception. We are more than happy to send photos of our farm and of your goat prior to purchase, and you are always welcome to refuse a purchase at the time of sale if the goat is not what you are looking for.
  • Pixiebrook Farm requests first right of refusal on all the goats we sell. That means that if you choose to sell your goat in the future, we request that you offer us the chance to buy the goat back before you offer it to anyone else. You won’t get any judgement from us! Sales are often a difficult choice and sometimes life throws us curve balls, (we get it!), so we always appreciate the opportunity to bring back one of our goats. We may not always be able to purchase back, but we may also know of someone looking and might be able to help facilitate your sale.