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All of our kids come with a care instruction sheet and an offer for buyers to stay in touch with us after the sale to ask questions. Some questions might be answered below. Don’t let our strictness deter you from reaching out. Our goal is to provide our goats with the best possible care, and these are just some measures that help us do that.

  • We have been a clean-tested herd through WADDL since 2017. Results are available upon request.
  • We reserve the right to screen all potential homes and will refuse a sale if we have any questions about the life one of our goats will live in a buyer’s care.
  • All kids are disbudded prior to ten days old, without exception.
  • All kids are given CDT vaccines, without exception.
  • We do not sell bucks. All males for sale are wethered at 8 weeks old without exception. Males are not tattooed. If you want a tattooed wether, it costs $50 extra per goat. That’s how much we hate tattooing!
  • All registered does are tattooed according to ADGA standards. All registered does come with their papers and a bill of sale at the time of purchase.
  • All kids are raised on a coccidia prevention program (toltrazuril given at roughly 3 week intervals until after weaning).
  • Kids are not weaned until at least 10 weeks old, sometimes not up to 16 weeks. We do not rush this process in order to sell cute younger kids before their immune systems are developed and never will.
  • We do not sell goats for Easter, Christmas, or birthday presents. Goats are not novelty toys.
  • We give preferential sales to those who are in performance programs (DHIA, LA, or show homes–$50 off each goat).
  • We offer a discount for multiple purchases or repeat customers (10% off).
  • We offer 4-H members who have had at least one previous year experience with an animal project and who are in middle or high school and purchasing their own goat (with a current goat project listed in their record book) a 50% discount.
  • Discounts cannot be stacked.
  • We do not discount for pet prices. In our experience, buyers who are not generally willing to pay for a healthy, well-raised goat will not be willing to pay for vet care or other necessities in the future.
  • We do not guarantee perfect conformation on any of our goats. This is simply not possible. All goats have conformational faults. We breed for health and vigor and overall correctness, but there is no such thing as a perfect goat.
  • We are always happy to be honest about any faults a goat you are interested in might have.
  • We do not allow sold goats back on our property after the sale due to biosecurity concerns. All sales should be treated as final.