TUA Farms SP Ruby Red Dress

Old Mountain Farm Stag Party +*B x Almar Acres Ima Jewel Thief 2*M VEEV88

Small, sweet, beautiful Ruby. This girl believes herself to be second in command, but takes a lot of flak for it. She would love nothing more than to be left alone for a few hours to dine in peace.

Ruby and I have a bond, and though she doesn’t really like other people, she is always anxious to find me for her favorite neck scratches. She has beautiful structure, but due to a great buck escape, she kidded as a young yearling, and she really didn’t have the maturity to do well at appraisal that year–she was just SO small. Luckily, she has very good rump structure with high thurls, so despite not having the width of a more mature doe, she kidded easily. I look forward to allowing her to mature more before appraising her again. She has very nice long teats and excellent teat placement, and she is easy to milk. I also love her coat, which always looks good, and tends to be a very rich glistening red in the summer months. I actually think she will mature to be very nice, and I suspect she will be our most angular, dairy doe. Unfortunately, I did not get pictures of her udder in 2020.

Birth Date:

Color & Markings:
Red Buckskin with White Frosting (genetically a Chamoisee/Buckskin Combo)
Blue Eyes

Kidding History:
2019: 1B, 1D by TUA Farms SP Flash Drive *B
2020: 1B, 2D by DLMG Farms LJ Mars Bar *B

Linear Appraisal:
2019: A++A75 at 01-03